Hello World

Suh dudes,

My site is still a work in progress, but the core functionality of the CMS seems to be working. This site is hosted using AWS and created using Gatsby and Netlify. I wanted to learn ReactJS, and thought that creating my personal site using it would be a great idea. I haven't had to dive deep into the React world setting this site up so far, thanks to the availability of open-source libraries. And although that takes away from my goal of learning React, this has been a great way to get my feet wet. I've started by learning the development environment for a react project and some of the core concepts/features. I've also picked up ES2015 (or ES6) for this project, since it seems to be where everyones headed.

I'm planning on adding features and jazzing up the site as I learn new things. I've enjoyed it so far and hope it stays that way!

✌️ Leo