Nose Job

Yesterday, I got a Septoplasty, turbinate reduction, and polyps removed from my sinus. I had a deviated septum, probably from all of the bad decisions I made growing up, that got straightened out, and a bunch of things that was blocking the airway in my nose removed.

I first realized that I had sinus issues when my parents told me that I needed to chill out on blowing my nose so often in the shower. But I couldn't help it, I've always felt the need to blow my nose until blood comes out(obviously exaggerating), because it always felt like there was some shit stuck up in my nose. Maybe this all started when I moved to Huntsville, AL, where you can end up with the "valley sinus". Whatever the cause may be, I've had some trouble breathing for as long as I remember. I want to say this contributed to my weak cardio game, but that could just be my fat ass making excuses. Although, when I started using Breathe Right strips during my mountain bike rides, I felt and performed significantly better.

Getting surgery during this time of the year kind of sucks(missing out on all the great parties), but I needed to get this done. Not only to help me breathe better, but because I actually met my out-of-pocket max for my insurance deductible this year. Yea, WOW!

I was worried most worried about the postop, but it's only the day after and I feel no pain. Just a little sinus pressure, but you know what they say "no pain, no gain". But I still don't know how successful the results are, because

  1. I'm still breathing out of my mouth half the time due to gauze in my nose to stop some bleeding and
  2. The postop procedure is telling me to use Afrin for a few days, which would make my judgement on the surgery results biased.

I'll leave you guys with some cool, or disgusting, pictures of my operation.

polyps removal 1

polyps removal 2